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2002 Molded carpet set

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Location: : Fairfax, Virginia

Price: SOLD

Location: Fairfax, Virginia

I am selling a new Molded carpet set for a 2002 from ACC.  I ended up not using it.  This is brand new.  Never used.  Here is a link to the site with a better view of the color.  The posted pictures are in inside light and outside light to try to best show you the color.





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Well I am glad Esty knows.  I wouldn't have been able to answer your question.  Thank you again Esty.

The carpet is a nice quality but just was not the color I was looking for.  I am sure it isn't as high quality as Esty's carpet sets but I think it will fulfill your budget requirement for a new carpet for your son's car.  The price is about half of what I paid for it including shipping.  If your interested send me your zip code and I will find out how much it is to ship.



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Sounds good.  Send me instructions on how to use your account.  Can you send me a check?  I hate PayPal for a number of reasons.


I will send you my address.  We should do the UPS instructions and my address over email .

My email address is:

dianmike at erols dot com

my zip code is 22152...sorry I forgot to send that to you.

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