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Bad news is I need a new crank, the worse news is I cannot find a good (standard) / prepped crank ready to install.


Anyone out there with any good news for me? Does anyone have one they are willing to part with?


Thanks in advance,




PS. I need a set of 89.47 pistons (flat or dished preferred) for low compression. As well as a new 228mm clutch for a G245 5-Speed conversion. Anyone know where the best and least expensive source is for this?



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In case you can't find a good crank...


SF area is large enough to have a machine shop that can do metal spraying (we have such a place in Dayton).  The equipment sprays molten metal onto the worn/damaged journals to build 'em up, then the shop turns the offending journal down to standard size (or to match the other journals).  Works very will and is used in machine rebuilding all the time.   Might be worth some phone calls...if you can't find an automotive machine shop, try one that specializes in marine engines.



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