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They look like 5x13 early OEM alloy rims to me. Aluminum alloy, cast by F.P.S., not Campagnolo. Still available new from BMW but "originals" (i.e., '70s examples) have a certain cache the modern examples don't.

Campagnolos, which were cast in Elektron, a magnesium alloy, were always marked Campagnolo. I'd be very surprised to see a Campagnolo mark on these. And an Elektron Campagnolo in a 5x13 size should weigh no more than 10 lbs, which is very light. These F.P.S. rims should weigh more like 13 lbs, being aluminum alloy.

First and second photos: 5x13 early OEM alloy (I have old and new examples: I believe this is an old example, with "F.P.S." on the reverse side; new examples have "F.P.S." on the face)

Third photo: typical cast-in Campagnolo markings on a Campagnolo rim

Fourth photo: November '79 Campagnolo rim offerings folder. More details about historic Campagnolo Elektron rims are available at:


Original aluminum alloy OEM rims by F.P.S., such as these, are also rare and desirable, just not as rare and desirable as magnesium alloy Campagnolo's!







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