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AL40x Tii Alternators


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These alternators have all been sold as of 03/21/2015.


I found a fellow with a handful of Bosch boxed Tii AL40x alternators on the shelf, rebuilds from the mid 1990's (Bosch's work quality was pretty-good back then). These have the confirmed-correct width mount for at least some models* of Tii, meaning very original / no need for spacers.


*admittedly, I don't have enough experience with Tii's to know, for sure, whether the AL40x is the correct unit for all Tii's.


I pulled one unit, had it tested (50 amps), then installed a re-plated cooling fan-fin and pulley. Nice result.


Why I'm posting: If you're a Tii owner looking for an original oem fitting alternator, send me a PM. I'll speak with the guy who owns them to determine a price, including testing. Correct cores won't be needed (that's a bonus). If you want one with plated bits at the front, that service is available (though you will likely need to provide your fan and pulley for exact replica).


Add: When researching, I read that not all AL40x's have the correct mounting boss, hence the reason for this post. Perhaps these are easy to get elsewhere... which would make this post mostly pointless. -KB





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A flurry of activity… these are the PM’s received, in order of receipt:




If I recall correctly, there are four units. I’ll message each of you today or tomorrow with more details. -KB

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Carl, Jim and Steve: You bet - glad they moved off the shelf and into the hands of folks who'll use them one day.


ColinK: I sent direct email and follow-up PM... contact me to claim it, please, otherwise it goes to the next in line. -KB

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