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WTB Single steel wheel 13" early style for my 68 02.

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I'm pretty sure I have a full set (VIN earlier than yours by ~600) from a parts car. 


They are stuffed under the deck, that is somewhat blocked by snow.  I'm in Canada, so shipping could be a little higher.  If you are interested, let me know and I can go check markings on them





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Just as an FYI, a '68 came with 4.5x13 steel rims. The only round taillight steel rims in a 5x13 size came on the 2002ti and 2002tii. Because they're considerably rarer, you'll likely pay a big premium for those 5x13 steel rims -- if you can even find them.

Everything changed with the '74 model year, when all 02s got 5x13 styled steel rims (except the turbo, which got 5.5x13 styled steel rims).

Good luck,



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