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ROAD TRIP ! 3 California 2002s driving out to Mid America Fest


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Hey - Its been a while since I posted on the 02 board. But still driving my BMWs.


Bob N, Elefant Ray and I are driving out from California to Eureka Springs Mid America Fest


I will be in Vegas on the 20/21st- Going to see Chris at Only 02 and order a carpet set..


We will be mostly driving Hwy40. We will be in the Albuquerque area Wednesday April 22nd.

Any kind enthusiasts want to put us up or at least have dinner with us?


Any one else want to join the caravan convoy ???


Who else will we see in  Eureka springs ?  


I have never been to this event and am looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones


I have driven across the US 3 times. This will be my first time with a 5 speed !

The picture of the white Tii is when I moved to Tennessee in 1991.

The Silver 02 is my 73 that will be at Mid America fest. I will not be bringing mushrooms. Those days are long gone !






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Looking forward to seeing y'all there.  I'm working on a caravan from SW Ohio--departing Dayton on Wednesday, arrive in Eureka Springs on Thursday afternoon after a nice leisurely drive through western KY & TN, then across the Mississippi to AR.


Anyone interested in joining the caravan, drop me an e-mail



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Damn, you Left Coasters are going to break my record! But I triple dog dare you to recreate the world's only known photo of the Iron Butt Award and a reversed-then-corrected-scripted Turbo in the rear view mirror! (That's Brian Spanel's car; he met Ben Thonsai and Luis Alvarez and I when we came through St. Louis.)




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