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Someone keyed my E30!! (Warning adult language)

Guest Anonymous

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Guest Anonymous

I am so pissed off I can only come up with 2 expletives and I just keep saying them over and over again.

I save up for two goddamn years to buy a car that is warm in the winter, cool in the summer, quiet, reliable, doesn't smell like gas and has shiny paint(these are all the qualities my 2002 does not have). I scour the internet daily and watch local classifieds for the right car....and then some asshole has to go and scrape a line in the paint from the front of the rear door all the way to the taillight.

Its one thing when someone opened thier car door into the front passenger side door and didn't leave a note..I'm sure that was an accident. When I find the shopping cart bashed into the rear passenger side door..I'm sure the wind must have blown the cart. But when some shithead takes a key or other sharp object and purposely...maliciously...scrapes it along my car IT PISSES ME OFF!!!!! Come on I have only owned the car for about 6 months!

Sure..its only a scrape in the paint. There are millions of other people in the world with MUCH bigger troubles than this...WELL IT STILL PISSES ME OFF!!!

Just don't let me catch the bastard.

Thanks for listening.


1990 325i 2 dented doors, one big scratch

1972 2002 peeling paint, little rust

1976 2002 mostly rust

1996 Jeep Cherokee 2 dented doors

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Guest Anonymous

Happened to my Civic, from front turnsignal to the back one. They keyed every car on the block. Pass. side mirror got kicked off not long after.

Glad I don't park in the path between bars and dorms anymore.

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Guest Anonymous

I always wonder about people that do that kind of thing, it is

really not fair. I feel your pain. If someone did that to Bacchus

I would be really pissed off too, it just that you feel violated,

and you can't do much about it, hang in there...


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Guest Anonymous

on my E36 M3. Used a small screwdriver ALL the way around the car. $5k in damage.

I found this on the morning I was leaving for '02 Fest East.

I just don't understand people.

I feel your pain..


'76 02

'97 m3


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Guest Anonymous

Check out non-deductible comprehensive insurance...it's usually pretty cheap for older (that is more than 8-10 yrs old)cars and unless you put in a lot of claims, won't raise your rates. Check with your agent. My USAA non-deductible comp is $18-20 per year on my '02s...


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