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2002 Fuse Box Swap


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Hey 02 folks,

I've got a '72 Tii with a fried fuse box and I have a replacement box from a '74. Does anyone have a good diagram of how to swap the wires from the older box to the newer box? Can the newer box even be used? I don't want to start pulling wires off the old box before I feel a bit more confident. Cheers, Brian

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Best thing to do is to get the pages from the factory shop manual that show the back sides of both fuse boxes.  I know there are significant wiring difference between roundie and squarelight cars, and specific fuses serve entirely different circuits between '72 and '74.  Also squarelights use multiprong plugs on the fusebox back side, while roundies use individual push-on wires, so the terminal configurations are also different.  


You'd be much better off to find a '72 or 73 fusebox from a parts car as it would be a direct swap.  




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