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Steering Box Rebuild


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I have the fromt suspension and steering completely  removed and the steering box is not leaking and feels tight.  There is also more room in the adjument screw.  How can I test the box while removed?  Should I just do the rebuild since it is out of the car?  Also, I found the GL 4 lube as recommened in this board but could only find 140 wt.  Is this OK?





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See if these 2 links help you:



Even though the second link says 'webers', it has good steering box info.



And I've heard that GL4 - 80/90W hypoid is advised.

Good luck!


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Great reponses!  Any idea how much play i should expect (with the box out o the car)?

Mine felt like zero play when I had it out of the car. However, once reinstalled, I did have noticeable free play.

I believe there's a torque value you're shooting for at the steering (not the adjuster) with the drag link disconnected.

I found it here somewhere but haven't gone back and followed it yet. I just gave it an 1/8 turn and called it good for now. I probably need another 1/8 turn or so but want to do it right when I have the time.

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