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WTB: (4) Steel Wheels for E3 Bavaria date coded 4/73

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First, let me state that I am admittedly and obviously "date-obsessed." And you can obviously do whatever you wish to do, but factory steel rims, 40 or more years ago, were very rarely both: (a.) date-matched; AND (b.) manufactured the same month as the vehicle to which they were originally mounted. That simply doesn't fit the parts manufacturing, inventorying, and assembly processes used for mass-produced vehicles of that era. And it is particularly true for the "low-tech" components that did not necessarily change from one year to the next -- like steel rims.

For instance, my '76's five original steel rims -- I'm the original owner and I've never "lost" a rim -- date from November '75 through March '76 for a car manufactured April 23, 1976. The '73 tii -- I am far from the first owner but the rarity of its Kronprinz (not Lemmerz) 5x13 steel rims suggests they are very possibly the original rims -- date from February '72 through July '72 for a car manufactured October 19, 1972.

And, from the other side of the Atlantic, I'm restoring a '61 Ford F-350 owned from new by a family business -- on my wife's side. The rare factory-option 19.5 x 5.25 steel rims, coded into the truck's original build sheet, date from February '60 through January '61 for a truck manufactured June 1, 1961.

I'm just guessing what you're trying to achieve but if I see an older vehicle -- built before modern Just-In-Time manufacturing methods -- with all rims date-matched to the car's manufacturing month, I would be thinking "recently-assembled components" rather than "original rims"!

You didn't ask for my opinion, but that's what you got.

Good luck with your search. I could probably find five date-matched '02 rims but even four date-matched E3 rims could be a challenge, as you probably know. Five rims with dates up to 7 or 8 months prior to your car's manufacturing month would be both easier to assemble and closer to the car's original delivery configuration.



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