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Cloth seats - blasphemy??


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My seats need to be redone and I am seriously tempted to go with cloth, primarily for better comfort on hot days.  Anyone gone with cloth?  If so, how do you like the look?  Car currently has a brown interior to go with the Malaga exterior.


This may mean the door panels have to be redone too.  Possible?



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I've been searching for some years to find wide-wale corduroy that will either match or complement the same tobacco/carmel interior that you have in your (presumably roundie) Malaga car, so I can re-do the center sections of my original seats.  Have been unable to find any upholstery-grade corduroy that will work.  Corduroy is more durable than velour, and at least some year 2002s had corduroy center seat sections.  A lot more comfortable, summer and winter, than vinyl.


Lemme know if you find either velour or corduroy to match your interior.




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http://nml-depot.de/ - shows the cord fabric used on many sports seats, and can supply samples.

http://www.smsautofabrics.com/ - cloth, vinyl & leather upholstery.

http://www.autobahninteriors.com/ - in San Diego - don't know if they sell materials, but they redo seats.

http://www.veteranco.com/swatch/card19.html - many cloth options.

http://www.yourautotrim.com/autbodclot.html - automotive cloths.

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My Malaga tii has Brown Monza cloth Recaros and even though the picture does not look like it, the seats are better matched than anything else I could find.  I was going to have a set of black vinyl E21 Recaros recovered in Mercedes M-Tex brown material, but that was too expensive and I (still) have trouble finding a close match.  The cloth seats are very comfortable year-round.


Color is hard to photograph - here they are inside


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Didn't the O.P. ask for Blasphemy?


Today I am putting cloth Toyota 4-Runner seats in my car.  Comfort trumps originality.  (Got to save that thin Original Vinyl for the auction block, haha).  


The seats have adjustable fronts (height), lumbar (three settings), bolsters on the backs adjust in and out, headrests adjust up and down and rachet forward.  


Wrong colored Japanese seats in a German car? :o  BLASSPHEMY!






EDIT:  I am not knocking stock seats, mine are just old, with worn padding.

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