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so i have decided to use the stock BMW manifold can you help me with the ports


I know the left hand port is for the brake booster and the center is for the water port. the other two small vacuum ports just get plugged. am i right on this?




on the bottom the right port is for the heater hose return. the left han one is for ?  the one next to it just gets plugged - correct


how bout the small one on top right? Plug?




thanks for any and all help



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Plug the vacuum ports on top, unless you have something that requires them. They were used for electronic vacuum pods that were part of the smog system. On the bottom, the small port on the side is for a water choke line. The other water choke line goes into the block below #4 intake runner. So, if you do not have a water choke, you can plug that one too.

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