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Wilwood and 13" OZ?


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Good morning!


I've seen this front brake upgrade kits, sometimes with Wilwood calipers. The setup on my car is: tii struts, 323i hubs with vented discs and turbo/E3/E9 calipers in 13x6 ET12 rims. In comparison to the standard 2002 setup, it is noticeable heavier while driving.


Now I'd like to know: is there any 2-line alloy -or, generally lightweight- caliper available that fits to my struts, discs and rims? Doesn't matter if Wilwood or any other make? On the Wilwood homepage and in the UK forum they say that 14" rims are needed and that the two brake lines have to be run into one by a 2-in-1-T-connector. I want to avoid both.


The search function here shew Jon and Harv saying that there are some 13" rims ok, but not which ones. These are my OZ Italas:




I can send an e-mail to the guys, but I guess they are in weekend. Perhaps somebody of you knows.


Thanks in advance,




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