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Float setting for 32/36, high idle

Gil. H.

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Alright, I need help from the intelligentsia.


I recently updated my carb jetting and can't get the idle to settle down. It's running about 1,800 rpm with the mixture screw just about all the way in. No 1 1/2 turns out here.

Current jetting is:

Current 20150227   Main Jet 140 170 Air Correction 170 160 Idle Jet 0.50 0.50

I've checked all the vacuum line/ports, gaskets, timing, the usual stuff. Looks good.

Plastic floats are at 35mm compressed and 50 mm at rest.

Is there something obvious that I'm missing.

Just about ready to pull a GreenSwede and chunk the carb for at 38/38.





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I hate to ask this, but the idle screw (on the throttle lever) is backed out all the way, right? Is the linkage interfering at all with the throttle butterfly?


You might also remove the idle jet screw and inspect that it was never screwed down tight, gouging the needle.

Ha!  looks like I was late to the party with my reply! :)

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