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Misc pre-71 parts comp

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Pair of pre-71 rear NOS bumper corners. Slight scratches from storing and a few small pickles; don't know if it's rust underneath or just chrome plating mistakes. See the coogleshriber tip. 250$


post-42081-0-34434900-1424808648_thumb.j post-42081-0-47656700-1424808659_thumb.j post-42081-0-48773800-1424808745_thumb.j

post-42081-0-43726600-1424808759_thumb.j post-42081-0-97392700-1424808792_thumb.j post-42081-0-30767800-1424808807_thumb.j post-42081-0-26452100-1424808825_thumb.j post-42081-0-51008400-1424808837_thumb.j


For wheelcaps, use unknown (E3? E12?). Three of them with storage scratches; 40$.


post-42081-0-65008900-1424808950_thumb.j post-42081-0-92321000-1424808958_thumb.j


Two Bosch H4 main front lights. Some rust at the housings, but good reflectors. With black rings for 73+; for use -73 just remove the rings. Glasses pickled. 350$.


post-42081-0-81505900-1424809240_thumb.j post-42081-0-70275000-1424809256_thumb.jpost-42081-0-98679800-1424809265_thumb.j post-42081-0-67891900-1424809278_thumb.jpost-42081-0-82030500-1424809327_thumb.j



VDO add'l gauge cluster, NOS, free


post-42081-0-88977000-1424809372_thumb.j post-42081-0-90594200-1424809395_thumb.j



Pair of add'l wide beamers, made in GDR, chrome hmhm, rusty sockets and reflectors- free





Pair of wide beamers, brand unknown, good reflectors, bulbs, black plastic housings, 60$.





Pair of Bosch wide beamers, dia. 190mm, nearly clear glass, few pickles, good reflectors, black metal housings, with sockets. Sockets a bit rusty, spacer sleeves missing. 120$.


post-42081-0-60214100-1424809544_thumb.j post-42081-0-00781800-1424809556_thumb.j



Pair of rear bumper supports, threads redrilled, 10$. Need more? I've got dozens of them.


post-42081-0-64563000-1424809605_thumb.j post-42081-0-43165600-1424809617_thumb.j



Pre-71 wiring harness. I could find only one damaged wire. Probably this was done for an add'l harness for fog lights or such (yellow wires). The pins at the front lights have been replaced, but they don't have the original shape. Some sections, if not all, have to be retaped because the 45-year-old tape is very stiff. Incl. light and fan switch, fuse box and no: NO cover! 180$. Alternative: buy new here for 450€.


post-42081-0-41300900-1424809692_thumb.j post-42081-0-20270800-1424809706_thumb.jpost-42081-0-57055400-1424809746_thumb.j



Here they are: tii airbox front covers! NoLovAble. One without clamps. Both of them unfortunately with shortened snorkels- better than nothing. Some rust, some scratches- nothing serious. 100$ both.


post-42081-0-56854200-1424809803_thumb.j post-42081-0-77260100-1424809845_thumb.jpost-42081-0-18059400-1424809818_thumb.j



1300,00$ shipped to US obo


Feel free to ask for other items. Thanks for watching!






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