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Go Analog BMW 2002 T-shirt Available


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As the BMW becomes more complex by the day, don't you love the fact that our little cars are so simple? I have created a t-shirt that celebrates the simplicity of our cars. Check out the following links for the Go Analog t-shirts. Available in dark and light colors (sorry, had to create two separate links for dark and light). Take a look and I hope you like and will share with others.


Go Analog Dark Colors:





Go Analog Light Colors:




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Thank you for letting me know the links didn't work. I have fixed them. 


In regards to Tii, wasn't trying to exclude them in fact I almost didn't put the 2002 at the bottom for just that reason but it looked empty without it. If you want I can launch a 'campaign' with 2002 Tii if you think there will be enough demand?


I love all 02's - short and fat, tall and skinny, modified and original and everything in between!!! 


And the simple design is because of the simple, but awesome, cars...

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