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M20 323i 5 speed shortened shifter


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I havent found any answers to this through the search:


I am building an M20 swap with a 323i 5 speed gearbox. As it sits, the gear selector input shaft (that goes into the gearbox itself) sits further back than a normal M10 5 speed swap. In fact, the end of the selector shaft is right in the middle of the tunnel hole for the stock shifter location. This means I cannot shorten my shifter platform enough to put the shifter in the stock location unless I attach the shifter straight onto the input shaft and remove the pivot rod that normally links in-between altogether.


Is it possible to attach the shifter straight onto the selector shaft and still shift gears?


I do not want to move the shifter if I can get away with it, as firstly I'd have to build a new centre console and second, theres a big hole in my carpet that is impossible to fill in surreptitiously.... ;) 


Thanks in advance



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Thats strange, because on my m20 swap that I am currently doing with the g260, which I had to create a new trans tunnel for from the shifter hole forward fits and the selector rod shows up right at the hole, is your engine sitting really far back?

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