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South Bay Breakfast Get Together


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Had a nice meet up for breakfast this morning in the South Bay Area.  My son's Agave 73 and my Chamonix 72,  met Glen's 72 tii and Mo's very hot 74.  Always great to meet other 02 owners and hear stories on how they got into these very fun cars. 


We talked about the up coming Swap & Show and the drive I'm planning for the Santa Cruz Mtns this Spring.   A couple shots:


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If I had made it, it would only have embarrassed me with the condition my 02 is in.. but good news is I will be rolling her into the shop this upcoming week to do the big stuff. I was able to talk my boss into helping me do it all, we will have it on the lift for a while doing the trans swap and replacing the front suspension bushings. Also ansa sport exhaust and my H&R springs came in. 


Will be joining you guys when time permits  ;)


thanks for the heads up Stuart on the master mechanics you recommend, I will be taking the more convenient path this time but once its ready I can think about heading out to grass valley. 

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