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So I just picked up my 2002 from getting a respray and unfortunately I'm encountering some starting issues.. When I tried to start it, I got a horrible sound that sounds like grinding gears - not good. I got this once or twice before. Good thing my body shop is on a steep hill or else I wouldn't of been able to get home!


I took off the starter and there appears to be damage on the ring gear on the fly wheel (the whole way around - not just a bad patch) along with matching damage on the starter motor gear. See pics attached. I would of thought the damage needs to be more severe for it not to start, but after some research, this could be down to the flywheel getting resurfaced over the years resulting in only the very tips of the teeth on both gears touching..


Does this sound right?


After having a look on Real OEM and BMW Classic Parts Shop, it looks like the ring gear is not available any more.. I might be better off replacing the entire flywheel to save this from happening again...


All input much appreciated..




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that looks more like the starter gear is not lining up. is that a new, or relative new starter. it seems that it is not meshing well with the ring gear. the ring gear does not look so bad. i could be wrong.


also you could probably flip the ring gear. again, i could be wrong.

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Based on the ring gear's wear pattern, it looks as if the starter's Bendix drive is only hitting close to the top of the ring gear's teeth, rather than properly meshing.  The ring gear doesn't look that badly worn; you might try installing a new Bendix drive on the starter, or simply another starter (altho I wouldn't buy a whole new starter motor--try to get a replacement Bendix first).  


My pro mechanic friend Mike told me that when an engine is turned off, due to compression in the cylinders, it tends to stop in the same four positions (for a 4 cyl car).  So when you go to start the car, the starter engages the ring gear at these same four spots, leading to accelerated wear at those spots.  So you might try rotating the flywheel with the starter motor removed, and check for excessive wear at those spots.




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I think you're right... the wear doesn't seem enough to render the ring gear not useable. 


There's a local guy who rebuilds starter motors, I'll drop it in to him on Monday morning and see what he makes of it.


Check out the fly wheel turning, you can see there is even wear throughout the ring gear and no really bad patches.




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Is that a lightweight starter?


Because if it is, it might be an M42 starter--

it bolts on, but the gear doesn't pop out far enough, and the pinion is

slightly smaller as well, so it tries to run

on just the tips of the gears.  And that happens.

I've got one on the race car- and it's doing that.


But no matter, that's not the right starter- it shouldn't be doing that.

If you're lucky, you can get another starter with the right geometry,

and that ring gear damage won't matter.  It shouldn't, if you change it


Resurfacing the flywheel doesn't change it's relative position-

it just moves the clutch assembly towards the front of the car.

The ring gear, etc, all stays in the same place.


Oh, hell.  This is the problem with memory- the M20 flywheel is

just a bit smaller than the M10/M30 one.  If the starter turns out to

be the right one,the flywheel's the next thing to look at...




it tends to stop in the same two positions (for a 4 cyl car)

since it's a 4- cycle, flat- plane crank, I fixed that for you, Mike!

And yes, if you pull the indexing sleeve and rotate the crank 1/8th or

1/4th of a rotation, even a pretty worn normal flywheel will come back to life.

But that's not normal wear.



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Yes, it looks like it's off a 3 series, the parts number are: 0001811125 and 1005823339.


What sort of a cowboy would do that!! Pity I didn't realise before getting a new bendix installed.


Does anyone want to do a swap?!! Or anyone from Ireland breaking any 2002s at the moment?

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