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1991 318is e30

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I bought this 318is from Mike Self back in March. It's been my daily driver since and I've loved it. It really is the closest modern equivalent to a 2002 that i've driven and is an absolute blast to drive. It loves to rev and handles great on the back roads.


Time for me to sell to put money into my 02 projects since i'm no longer commuting. Please let me know if you have any questions, or pass my site along to someone who may be interested.


Click the link below to see full details on the car:



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Really Awesome cars as you said! Too bad they are so under appreciated. Well, all BMWs are compared to the Mercedes or a Porsche with the exception of the E30 M3, the M1 and a Z8.


All the best in selling your car. It should sell fast. Have you tried the popular E30 Forum?



I put it up on r3vlimited late yesterday. I figured I'd give all my 2002 folks first crack at it.


They really are great cars...and the 318is's have jumped in value more than the 325's. Probably because they didn't make nearly as many and finding one that is original is getting pretty tough.

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