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Learning Wrenching Rebuilding: '74 Euro tii


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So the rebuild has officially started.  I've taken enough apart to feel comfortable saying that the project moves forward and the shell is not being sold/scrapped.  

I got the car out of storage in November and trailered it to VA with a Uhaul.  She went into the garage and the tear down began.

post-40275-0-82598400-1424049253_thumb.j  post-40275-0-52185700-1424049294_thumb.j

The idea was to pull the engine are rebuild it, shove it back in and drive her around.  While putting the car down on jack stands I heard a few crunches and crackles synonymous with frame rail disintegration.  The engine and trans came out no problem and went on the stand while I investigated the source of the crunching.  I figure theres no point rebuilding an engine for a car that is rusted through.  I Pulled up the carpets and found some good rust in the driver and passenger floor pans.

post-40275-0-28273100-1424140379_thumb.j  post-40275-0-25130400-1424140396_thumb.j

I got under the car and "probed" and ended up poking a hole in the passenger frame rail.


I started pulling the front of the car apart.  I took off the passenger side fender which was still leaded on and took the wire wheel to the bottom of the A pillar to see how far the rust went.  The rocker panels seem to be in pretty good shape so I was hopeful that there wouldn't be much on the A pillar.  I prodded them with no deflection in the metal.  I haven't seen any evidence of rust (on the outside) yet, so thats another good sign.  How can I check the inside without cutting them apart?  


I've continued to wire wheel the fender area and I'm getting a good understanding of where the rust is, up front anyway.    The driver side frame rail has already been repaired.  It seems like there was a leaky brake master cylinder at one point.  I'll have to get some advice on replacing the frame rails.  If anyones got any hints, I'm all ears and questions.


Things are looking up.  It's a lot less rust than I thought it would be.  I'm excited to get the floors and new frame rails welded in... Now I got to pick up a welder.  


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I use a magnet to look for bondo. As for a welder I recommend Miller. I've worked with their multimatic 200 model that does MIG, TIG, ARC, and Aluminum spool. It plugs into a standard socket too. That thing is like 2G though, one day I'm going to get one used. They're conventional MIG stuff is great too. In the Shop I just had a projector stand with the multimatic thing on top, a plasma cutter in the middle, and all the extra stuff on the bottom and I'd just pull it around the shop... I miss having access to that gear. 

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