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EFI Fuel Injectors

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Price:: 50

Location: : Denver

For Sale two sets of used EFI fuel injectors:

These are the size for the M10 NA not to exceed 85% Duty cycle.

Both sets have been used a bit since refurbishment/cleaning by a professional firm.


1: Set of four Bosch P/N 0280150129 Catalog rating 196cc/min @ 2.5bar, test flow 210cc/min @ 3bar fuel pressure, low impedance, single hole tip.  Test certs included. $50 shipped within U.S.


2 Set of six Bosch P/N 0280150943 Catalog rating 200cc/min @ 3bar fuel pressure, high impedance, 4  hole tip.  No certs came with them. Four were used since cleaning/refurbishment, 2 have not been used $65 shipped within U.S.


Both of these ran well for me, and for info my M10 (sitting on the dolly) has a junk yard set of Bosch P/N 0280150760 200cc/min on it now.


Will bring along with me to the MidAmericaFest to save shipping cost.


PM if interested.

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