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The "Because Why Not" Tii


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Well, I've kept this one quiet until I got it home, and it's home now, so here it is!! This is the Tii I bought because it was very cheap and why not, I'm in college, a third car sounds like a GREAT idea on top of my other two and two motorcycles all on a part time salary... But if you're never young and dumb how do you get to be old and wise!


So all I know about it is that it was once upon a time loved by some of the receipts it had in the glove box. It also had some Koni shocks once upon a time, but they're now KYB  <_< It also was saved by one of my buddies at school a few years back, and I'm not joking, it was on the stretcher when he saw it come in and he took it home and there it sat ever since. So, my goal is to make it not sit, even if that means a puts up and down the street only, ANYTHING but sitting! The other perk is it is basically rust free except, you guessed it! The spare tire well....


So currently the things I know it needs are a bath, a REALLY good interior wash, a vacuum, a couple strut bearings, keys (yah, those are important), a gas filler boot, and a hand full of other little things. But, in the end I hope for it to be a fun little car to keep around, keep box stock, and just enjoy. I already have a hopped up 02  :lol:


Now without further adieu, my new to me 1973 2002tii!




A few more pictures here:












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Poor baby (the car, not you!).  Looks like some hamfist tried to pick the car up with a wrecker utilizing the front bumper.  Ouch!  But other than the bumpers the body looks straight and unrusted...and the whole car looks like it's never been molested.  BTW, wrong wheels....you'll need 5" wide rims early style (not slotted, uses the full hubcaps) to clear the tii calipers.


FYI when you go to get keys made, a couple of suggestions:


Check the back side of the ignition switch.  If you're lucky, there's a stick-on paper label with a number.  Take that to a BMW dealer and they can order the proper key for you.  


Failing that, it's much easier to remove a door handle than the ignition lock; take it along with the trunk lock to a locksmith and get keys made.  


Looks like a nice find, and '73 is one of the best years of 2002s...


cheers and again welcome to the fraternity/sorority with a new car.




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darn kids, when will they ever learn .......


Not ever in my whole entire life have I ever been able to muster into one place and into one moment that much courage and faith and conviction of purpose and wisdom and foresight, and focus it to work together into one epic purchase ......  and did I mention courage ??!!?? 


TOTALLY AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!





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Bone stock, properly tuned tiis are WAY more fun that you'd expect. Sure it's nice to have a hotrodded 02... but there's something so very *right* about a stock tii. I've had 'em in many different flavors over the years, but my current stock one is a complete BLAST! 

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Ah, youth.  


I had a super-reliable sensible-shoes '78 Toyota Celia GT Liftback when I was in college.  Hand-me-down from my Dad.  Never broke down, never had a problem.  Low miles.  Great condition.  


Before senior year, I sold it and bought a '72 tii from a German couple that was returning to Germany and didn't want to drag their car back.  Have you ever heard a tii at 6,000 rpm?  I mean, that is good stuff.  


Fast forward 30 some odd years, and I'm in a parking lot at midnight in North Carolina with a ton of vintage BMWs, and a person in a chicken suit violating a Bavaria.  


As Lou Reed said "it's my life and it's my wife" or something like that.  



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VIN 2762706... Contact BMW Archives for build info.

Congratulations! There is a wealth of information from people like Jim Gerock and others to get it back on the road. Enjoy!

Oh, I see, if I actually open my eyes and look at all the photos, I can see the VIN!

Thanks, Robert!

Anyway, 2762706 is, in all likelihood, a mid-October '72 build (the originally-Baikal 2762696 was October 12th and my originally-Inka 2762757 was October 19th).



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