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F/S 2002 tii brake booster $195 shipped--SOLD!

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Price:: 195

Location: : DC Metro Area

This item has been sold!


I, along with several other DC Metro Area FAQers, am assisting a long-time parts collector with liquidating his stash, which includes many NLA and rare parts.  I'll list the parts here on the FAQ to give FAQers the first shot at them.  Per discussion with the collector, I'll list items at prices that are a bit below the market price to minimize haggling, and facilitate getting the parts into FAQers hands and onto their cars.


Please note the following:


Given that there are hundreds of parts in the collection, I will only respond to offers and questions posted in this For Sale thread.  I will not respond to emails, private messages, texts, phone calls, faxes, telegrams, sky writing, or sexual-innuendo-laced messages posted in the missed connections section of Burpee Seed Weekly.  Why not?  Because I like transparency, I'm not that good at coordinating all of my email accounts, phone records, astrology charts and other communications media to figure out who has dibs, and I don't appreciate the extremist political rantings of the populist agricultural community.


Dibs--for some reason, dibs has historically been challenging for some folks on the FAQ.  For clarity's sake, here's how I manage dibs in my For Sale threads:

1. If you're the first to respond with "I'll take it", meaning you agree to the price as listed and don't have any questions or caveats, you have dibs, and the item is yours as soon as I receive payment.  I expect that you'll send payment via PayPal within 2 days, or I'll mark the item as still available and move on to the next interested party.

2. If you want to haggle on price, you do NOT have dibs.  If someone else responds with "I'll take it" before I accept your offer, the other party has dibs.  If he/she fails to pay within 2 days, the next person in the thread who responded with "I'll take it" has dibs.

3. If you want to ask questions, you do NOT have dibs.  If someone else responds with "I'll take it" before I accept your offer, the other party has dibs.  If he/she fails to pay within 2 days, the next person in the thread who responded with "I'll take it" has dibs.

4. I'll attempt to respond to my For Sale threads at the end of each day, and take actions accordingly.  It may take me a few days to take photos and/or perform simple tests as per your requirements.  During that time, if someone else posts "I'll take it", then that person has dibs.


If you want to buy a part at the listed price, simply write "I'll take it" in your response, and send money to me via PayPal ( grice dot mulligan at gmail dot com ).  Please include your shipping address in the notes section of your PayPal payment.  I'll ship your item within 2 business days.  The price listed is for items shipped within the continental US.  If you want shipping to a location outside the continental US, please indicate as much in your "I'll take it" post, and I'll get you a shipping quote.


Please don't send me requests for parts that I haven't listed.  I know you want the close-ratio jibber jabber with the unicorn hoof emblem.  So do many other FAQers.  I'll eventually list all the parts here on the FAQ, with a few exceptions.  There are some local FAQers who have been friends with the collector for many years, and the collector will offer some rare parts to those folks.  I don't have any control over that process, and I fully support both the collector and the locals in those arrangements.  If you arrange sale of a part directly with the collector before I list that part here, you don't need my assistance.  If you need my assistance, please understand that I won't give it; not because I don't like you, but because I, and the other local FAQers involved in this process, have a duty to the collector first and foremost.  You're all wonderful, unique snowflakes, and your collection of parts isn't a reflection of your inner beauty.  I hope you get the twin-flexing wiggle wobbler that you have your heart set on, but if you don't, another will come along in due time.



Item: 2002 tii brake booster

Inventory Number: 0003

Price: $195.00 shipped in the continental US

BMW Part Number: 34331103347

RealOEM URL: http://www.realoem.com/bmw/showparts.do?model=2583&mospid=47141&btnr=34_0813&hg=34&fg=25&hl=31

Condition: The brake booster makes a confidence-inspiring sucking sound when the activator rod is pushed in and out, and seems to work as intended.


Rightmost brake booster in the image below:



Top brake booster in the image below:







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