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Uber Rare Louvres

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Price:: 1

Location: : Seattle, WA

I have a set of Autoplas BMW 2002 rear window louvres/louvers that I'm contemplating selling. They are possibly the only set in the U.S. so I'm really not sure what to ask for in terms of price. They have no damage or cracks, but need hardware, which is simply screws and L brackets that tuck under the window seal in addition to some double back tape.


The louvers pictured on the car are for visuals only, they aren't the ones for sale.


Shoot me an offer, the worst I can say is no. I'd also consider trades for other interesting parts.









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Anyone have plastic injection molding capabilities? 


The best I could do is make a fiberglass mold and make FG repros, but that would be a LONG, slow process. No way I could keep up with the demand. Someone who does FG full time shouldn't have many issues with it; vacuum bagging would be a must though considering the complex shape. 

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