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Colorado emissions testing with a '76


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Howdy, long time lurker...


I'm looking at a 1976 '02, but live in Denver where emissions are required on 1976 and newer cars. It's old enough that it would just need a two speed idle test, but I have no idea how easy/hard it is to get one of these cars to pass that test.


Can anyone give me any guidance on that? Or should I just keep my eyes out for an older model?


Thanks in advance.



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If the car has been living in the front range area where testing is required, it would have been tested lately also. Check the rules on seller having to have the test done (if it is in the testing area). So if it has been tested in the past and is not coughing and weezing, it should pass. Big thing is the ignition timing on spec and the idle mixture set on the lean side from best idle.

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I too have a 76 2002 & live in Denver metro.  Yes, the seller is supposed to have the car tested & passed before the sale, but I didn't learn this until after I purchased the car.

My car failed the test twice & the Air Care Colorado guy told me the car needs "more spark".  I installed Pertronix electronic ignition which helped bring the numbers down.


Email me for the rest of the story.




rwgnaegy at g mail dot com

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