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Marker Lights, License Plate Light Covers, US Turn Signals

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Price:: 65.00

Location: : North Carolina

Selling a set of Marker Lights, License Plate Light Covers and US Turn Signals. 


There are 4 total turn signals. The color is excellent of 3 of them and the other is just there for parts. Both bulb styles are present between the 2 sets but you may have to mix and match to make a set that fits your car since there are 2 different wiring styles. The bulb portion mates to the housing with hollow rivets which you can get online or at your local indy hardware store. Overall these are good driver quality with a decent chrome finish.


The marker lights and license plate light covers are really nice. no cracking and the color is like new. 



I'd like to sell these all together as a set for $65.00 shipped. Paypal Accepted. Please PM me for a faster response. 




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