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Air Conditioner in 1973 2002 Tii questions


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I Have a 1973 2002 tii and it has a air conditioner in it. The unit uses the Japanese sankyo air compressor so it is the higher end one that was made. But it currently does not work and it has been said that it will cost $800 to get it working again. Other people have told me even if I would be able to get it working again that the new gases and stuff might be an issue due to corrosion and efficiency.

So my question is: what do I do? do I take this thing out and try to find another center console? Can I sell it? Is there a market for these things? Do I fix it and have potentially sub par AC? Any advice would be great.


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A. Buy a copy of Rob Siegel's book: Memoirs of a Hack Mechanic.  He has an entire chapter devoted to ‘02 A/C upgrades. His username here is thehackmechanic.


B. Search the forum on phrases such as "air conditioning upgrade," "air conditioning replacement," etc. There are some long and very useful threads addressing this issue.


C. Lower your expectations. 2002 A/C was designed after the car, not contemporaneously with the car. All were installed at the dealer, or later. 2002 A/C was pitiful compared to GM/Ford/Chrysler A/C of the same era; don't expect it to be any better 40 years later.


D. Despite the expectations established in C., I'm actually glad my '76 has had A/C since new. It's better than nothing, if you must drive in heat or humidity.


Good luck,



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