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WTB: E30 15" Basket weave wheels

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15" E30 wheels are known as "Euroweaves" since they were available on Eurospec E30's but I've never heard of them being on a U.S. spec E30 sold at a dealer but stranger things have happened.  All basketweaves the were sold on U.S spec E30's are 14" The 15" E30 wheels do have a part # 36111179066  and they go for over $300 a wheel and that doesn't include the center cap. Recommend you look on the R3Vlimited forum, I've seen them for sale there but they ain't cheap.  I recently found a set of 15X7 ET26 MSW basketweave mesh wheels on Craigslist that I bought for $160.  As an alternative, look for BBS, MSW, Ronal, etc...aftermarket wheels.


Read this thread before you spend any money on 15" wheels. Euroweaves are the perfect offset for an 02 but they are hard to find.





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