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Gauging Interest: North bay car show for a cause


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I've been appointed the Car Czar for my daughter's school's annual International Festival on May 30th  (Coleman elementary in San Rafael).    Not sure how this will shape up, but since it's a fundraising event it seems to me that it needs to be advertised as having a car show element to draw more crowds.  We have set aside a section of the event away from any booths that might have flying debris.   


My first thought is to see how many 02's I can get to show up and then work with Sonnen BMW to get them to show up with something new and "interesting".  Sort of a live reenactment of the "passing the torch" ad.  While this sounds really interesting to me, not sure how much of a real draw it would be to the general public.


Another concept is to model it after the Cars and Coffee events and invite anyone with an "interesting" car to show up.  I know a few dads have domestic 60's-70's cars that would show up and I might be able to rope in some higher end new cars.  I can also reach out to some of the local rally groups to see if we can draw some other unique foreign sports cars.  It is an International Festival after all....


Lastly San Rafael has its March Madness the same day.  There might be away to coordinate the two events so that cars could be in both.  


  1. I'm open to feedback/ideas (remember the main point is it's a fundraiser...)
  2. Let me know if you would be interested in participating with your car.
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