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Intake plenums for turbos - what's out there?


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I know many people use intakes from fuel injected M10's on their '02 turbo builds, but I was wondering what other pre-made options exist. I don't have the skills or budget to commission a custom made intake for a forced induction build, so I wondered who out there is making something that could be leveraged with little rework in the engine bay. I would like to retain my current ITBs if possible, which perhaps means technically, I am not asking for a plenum, but an airbox that can be pressurized. Anyway, semantics aside....


I have drooled over the various Reverie universal carbon fibre options but, from my measurements on my no-cut engine bay, they are all too long (hit the radiator or leave no room for a suitable bend) and/or too deep (hit the booster) like this:




...and the same is true for Jenvey cast universal aluminium options, like this one:




Dbilas has some model specific and universal cast aluminium options and this universal one:





Does anyone know of any other forced induction plenum manufacturers that might have something suitable? Got any links?


Many thanks!

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