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NO TEXTING- NEW E30 steel wheel-West Mass.

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Location: : W. Mass.

  NO TEXTING OR TYPING!!!!!!!!   ------- Bought NEW in 2007 I have a 14 inch  E 30 OEM steel wheel bought as spare for my 2002. Placed in trunk of my car 3 times for trips to Maine. Stored indoors when not visiting Maine. NO TEXTING OR TYPING!!!!!! MY WHIEEL IS AVAILABLE FOR LOCAL TRADE!!!---------- I am looking for a E 30 14 inch bottlecap alloy wheel that has lived in the trunk tire well it's WHOLE life!!!!!! I have acquired 3 other NEVER molested NEVER mounted on any car before E 30 alloy wheels so I know they are not that rare nor are they very much in demand.  NO TEXTING OR TYPING!!!!!!!----NOT INTERESTED IN ANY SHIPPING!!!!!!!!! YOUR E30 bottecap will have to be located driving distance from Amherst Mass.  Not interested in any mounted rubber!----- Town Fair Tire will dismount tires for FREE!!!!!!!  If you have what I seek and are NOT to scared of CALLING a stranger please CALL me at 413-813-7927. Feel free to check my selling evauations here on FAQ before CALLING me!  I DO NOT SEND OR RECEIVE TEXTS. CALL ME IF YOIU DARE!-----

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