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Replacing KFish Lower Oil Hose. How To?


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I hoping someone here has done this before.  I can't see any way to easily replace the lower oil hose from the bottom/back of the KFish to the engine block.  Remove the oil filter housing?  Remove the lower WUR water hose?


Even with the engine raised (3") I can't see where it connects to the KF let alone get a screwdriver in there to secure a clamp.


Anyone?  Thanks for reading and replying.

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I take it the hose is leaking ??  It is not a pressure hose.  It just "directs and returns" oil into the block.  I would say that if it isn't leaking it doesn't need replacing.


I did replace that hose a few years ago, as mine was leaking.  No problem to do the job, I guess everything lined up OK for me.  Other than the air filter box, I don't remember what I had to remove to get access, but it was no big deal.


I used a piece of radiator hose that had the correct bend already "bent" into the hose profile, so as to fit that 90-degree turn.





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Hey guys,

I don't think the hose is leaking but it's REALLY OLD. All the other hoses are new. It's the only ancient hose left. I would curse if it starts to leak and I didn't replace it while the engine was lifted.

Now that I see Jim's picture it looks like I could remove the WUR and the hose/clamp will be visible. Not excited about removing the WUR as the water hoses will probably gush everywhere. I've been avoiding draining the whole cooling system. Only the rad upto the thermostat is empty.

Maybe I could leave the hoses intact and just push whe WUR aside. I'll check tomorrow.

Thanks for the input.

Anyone else have ideas?

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Hi Paul,

if memory server me correctly, the blue circle shows the oil return line.

I had to remove my KF to send it out for some work by Wes Ingram some years ago and I remembered to take a couple of snaps.




I got all my hoses from Rob at 2002Haus and replaced them (including the KF lines, oil feed line and heater hoses) before it went back in.

The above picture might not look 100% correct as some of the hoses may have been rotated or moved during the removal of the KF.

The oil return is the red-capped nib shown below.




When I was in there I replaced the KF belt.

Getting to the hose clamp on the bottom of the KF is hard to get to. Might be easier to get to it from the block side - depending on the how the clamps align.

I recall that removing the throttle linkages helps. Removing the long bar from to the firewall pivot helps but It is a very tight fit.


I would not recommend removing the KF as it is painful as getting to the fasteners that bolt the KF to the oil filter bracket are (for me) very hard to align.

Not as painful as the pedal box renewal or replacing the brake/clutch bracket for the e28 though.


Good luck

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