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They were required to meet U.S. DOT bumper height requirements: they served no other purpose of which I'm aware. And I don't believe there was any mechanism by which bumper height was re-checked or re-verified after a vehicle initially met the requirements -- so you don't have to worry about "DOT cops" at your front door!



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My car came with the spacers still installed.  When I got new strut mounts, they came with the short bolts, which are good, if you are eliminating the spacers.  I wanted to add a strut brace as well, so the short bolts were too short.  I tried pressing them out and pressing the longer old bolts in, but the knurled sections were slightly different sizes; plus the long bolts were longer than I wanted.  I went with a flange head bolt as a replacement, but then had rubbing issues on the top of the spring cap.  It is a tight fit there.  I wound up slicing the heads off the bolts and they have been working fine.  I am not really suggesting that you do this, but sharing some of the issues I had while removing spacers and such.







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