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Steering wheel cover


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One for the interior guru's.


I have a Petri steering wheel and I want to recover it in leather using a criss cross stitching.  Do I use 10S or 20S thread ?


The reason for the recover, is simply because it isn't in great shape, before I get a hundred replies saying leave it alone.

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Ok, thanks guys.


Perhaps I should have mentioned.  The wheel has already been recovered once by a local trimmer (UK), but I wasn't happy with the finish at the spokes.  So I have removed his work and will be now redoing it myself, since it doesn't look like rocket science and I have a family member who is a seamstress AND I now have a pattern to work from !!  I am just unfamiliar with the threads used.


However, I have decided to just buy some 10S thread and a metre of leather and see how it goes.  I will post up some pics, if it looks OK, if not you'll never hear about it ever again !!  :P


Thanks for the advice on the trimmers John, but I am UK based and I would like to have a crack at it myself now.


I will take a look at 'wheelskins' though, cheers Chamonix72.



Just checked out Wheelskins and that isn't really what I am after, but thanks.

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