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2002 parts large collection

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Location: : boulder colorado

I am a bmw master mechanic with 44 years of 2002 parts, a large collection, e-mail me with you wants, I also rebuild engines, transmissions, diffs, limited slips, axels,  specialize in stroker engines, up to 225hp street, also for sale, e-30 evolution engine 600 built, 745i turbo engines, m-88 engine parts, 635csi parts, 2000cs drive train and suspension, I also restore bmws and have sheet metal,  interior parts. Bruce m-tuner 20flyinghorses@msn.com







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Do you have the side trunk pieces for a 2002?  Do you have any of the trunk pieces for an E3? How about a right trunk hinge for an E3?  Uncracked early clamshell tool case for E3?  How about good to excellent under dash pieces for an O2?  Center radio mount for later style Behr AC-as usual my side plastic tabs are broken.  Uncut rear parcel cardboard for O2?  Rear fog light?  Good to excellent black door panels for a 74?  Good to excellent wiper linkage-the bushings on my are fair to poor.  Thanks for posting, hope I can help relieve you of your parts burden.   Those steeles are 13s-? Love those, but need 14s.  




Will Harlan

Asheville, NC

74tii active full restoration

70 2500

87 635csi daily driver

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I am restoring a 1974 European 2002 it. I saw in your post you have rear quarter panels. I am needing a left and right quarter panel as well as tail panel with square tail lights. If you still have them what kind of price for the set are you looking for? I live in Tennessee so not sure about the cost of shipping? Thanks

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I have left and right quarter panels, the left I trimed off a strip at the bottom in front of the rear wheel. they did not have patch panels when  i did it, they do now,  left ,I want 60% of list, right I want 80% of list, these are available at about 850.00 ea. new, the rear pannel i don't have, the tail lights i do. very good 60% list - ok 40% list . Bruce M-Tuner  20flyinghorses@msn.com

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