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Window will not roll down all the way after replacing regulator

Doug Riparetti

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IIRC there's also a stop on the bottom of the rearward window track; it might need readjusting.  And the regulator itself is mounted to the door with slotted mounting holes so it can be adjusted up and down.  


Finally, check to insure the spring loaded clip on the end of the regulator arm bracket is fastened properly  to the bracket that the glass is attached.




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I think about a quarter of an inch from flush  is considered normal.  I have read it said that perhaps BMW did this on purpose to protect the seals. :) 


 My problem is the opposite... to get the passenger side to go UP all the way.  (I am going to look into replacing the pin that typically fails).

Which pin is that? I currently have my panels off and would like to adjust/optimize my window movements.


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I posted my window problems a while back in this thread




Here is Mike's reply:




I suspect that your regulator mechanism is well-worn and the slop in the system is causing the window not to go all the way up.  The main wear point is the pot metal retainer pin that's at the center of the concentric spring that helps the window go up and down when you crank.  If that pot metal piece is worn (and they usually are) it will allow slop.    If you find that's the problem, drop me an e-mail with your e-mail address and I'll send you a BMW CCA Roundel column I did on how to replace that pin with one you make from steel.    cheers mike




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