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Kugelfischer Fuel Injection Tools & Movie on ebay


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Other than the non-magnetic brass tweezers, I've fabricated all the other pieces myself.  I know I'm not alone.  In fact when I bought 5mm aluminum stock, I bought enough (under $10bucks) to make a tool for every tii owner in my neighbourhood. :-).  Also, the 4mm tool can be substituted with a brake pad retention pin.  Putty knife ground out to secure WUR piston and stacked feeler gauges for the 2.6mm WUR adjustment.


The plastic cap for the bottom of the throttle body can be sourced at Home Depot, etc.  Look for chair leg caps.  BTW, I believe this part is important, as ( I think) air can enter through that shaft connection.  We all know what happens to a tii when there's an air leak.  Idle...hunt...idle...hunt...idle...hunt.


As far as the 85mm measurement tool...it's not that hard to measure on the bench with decent metric calipers or ruler.


Sorry if I'm disrespecting that seller.  I'm a capitalist too, but I'd only pay big dollars if it's an original KF kit which might also include the fuel pressure gauge, and the KF pulley puller.

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Well, to be honest, they are exact reproduction and limited production of NLA tii tools, price reflect the rarity and authenticity of the parts. if you don't like it don't buy it. Try having them made yourself, and tell us how much a machine shop will ask. I know the seller; he has been a reputable member of the 02 community for a long time. He is selling on ebay, not at FAQ, reaching out a wider audience than a few of us here, so what if he sells them at a higher price? You also have to consider all the fees incurred by listing and selling on ebay. When I sold repa and Autoflug belts on ebay a while ago, I charged a shit load and they sold like hot cakes but ebay fees were a killer. May be you send an email to seller and explain that you are an 02 member and ask for discount, you may get a better price. So there.....    

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