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my loaner 2002


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Well, I finally got 500 miles on the new engine and today was "car exchange day" with Le:  I returned my '74tii to him for whatever projects need to be done at 500 miles (head bolt re-torque for one), plus a few extra tasks that need checking/fixing/correcting.


So I am now driving this loaner from him:  a '75 or '76.  Looks very good on the outside, a little beat-up on the inside.  Runs like a champ, Le made the suspension as stiff as the proverbial board, and the engine has plenty of power, I was zooming along in great style on the 60 & 57 Freeways.


This is my first experience driving a carburetor-2002 in over 36 years.  One would think I would know what it's like to drive a 2002, any 2002 for that matter.  But it is different, almost "weird & strange" ..... in a good way.  This car should feel very much the same as mine, but it doesn't.  It is the same, yet different.  Familiar, but different.


 I can see why we'all keep driving these things:  they move fast, handle incredibly well, go where we point 'em.  What a fantastic car the 2002 is !!









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I'm so used to the tii thing that I get in non-tiis and they do seem different.  It might be more pronounced than it should be, being everything looks and feels so similar.  The non tiis feel torquier down low; like the power band is wider.  And the sound is really different, too.  The induction on the tii sounds muted and "smooth" for lack of a better term.  



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Oddly enough, I have never driven a "normal" 2002.


I have only driven my own 2002.  Another FAQ member who lives near by is in the same boat and we intend to swap keys, possibly at the next meet up.  When we first discussed the idea, I imagined following my car in his, but then it occurred to me to sit beside him and take one out at a time, so as to discuss the experience 'play by play'.  That sounds like much more fun.


Both of our "normal" cars are running 32-36 Webers and otherwise pretty close to stock.  He recently added the IE shorty header and SS exhaust.  I am eager to hear the difference.  We are running different springs and sways, rims and tires and I suspect they will feel slightly different in the corners.  


It is probably not that odd that I have never driven a tii.  I wonder how common it is that someone has only driven their own 2002?  


I would sure appreciate a mechanic that provides a 2002 as a loaner car.  It would be fun to see what that one looks like under the hood.


We still have not seen photos of OriginalOwner's engine, post-rebuild.  I like engine bay photos.  (Of course, trunks full of guns and booze are fun to see too).

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