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fixing the heater fan, with air conditioning unit in the way


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my winter project is to fix the heater fan which doesn't spin.  That means removing the heater box.  The problem is that the car ('72 2002) has AC, so unless I'm mistaken, I need to remove the AC unit from the console before I can get to the heater box and remove that.


Does anyone have experience removing the AC from the console - can I just undo the hoses at the compressor end of the system and just pull it out?  (I have already disconnected all the switches, etc, its just plumbing from here on)  The AC hasn't worked in a while (so the previous owner told me), so can I assume that the system is dry and there won't be some environmental consequence when I loosen those hose clamps?


Any advice would be appreciated!



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Yes you will need to remove the AC console.


Open the lines in the engine bay and vent anything that's in the lines (Like you said probably empty). There might be dye and moisture in the lines which could make a huge mess if you open the interior lines thats why you should purge using the engine bay lines. Once system purged, undo the interior AC lines, remove the AC console and then undo the heater box nuts and drop the heater box down and out through the passenger side footwell.

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My little story, I was saving the a/c work for last, so a article on faq said to remove support and lay a/c on side in which I did and cleaned my heater box with compressed air blew lots of leaves out of heater box, new core, etc then when done upright the Frigking a/c and a hose was off old compressor but my fan worked so turn on fan to ck... "smoked"  so shut it down ... now I am redoing a/c and have another Frigking evaporator which fan works so going to remove unit in car and replace blower fan/sw ck and test evaporator (will have pros remove freon if any, thanks for blue tip), so long story yes can remove and replace heater core with a/c in but it would have been best time to service/test evaporator same time... then you would be ready to complete the a/c later time ... Lucian







i would have 

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