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1974 Tii on ebay with BIN of $ 35,000 Orange California


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Two years ago I was trying to convince forum members to buy a California-raised, clean, original, Fjord, sunroof '74 tii -- not mine, no affiliation -- for $7,500 and my pleas fell on deaf ears. And one year ago I personally would have laughed at a $35K asking price for a square taillight tii. But I'm not laughing anymore.

Details to quibble with? Sure, but nothing that actually changes the overall value. And, unlike most of the offerings in this category, this one was done with some care -- and a bunch of $'s.

If you want a '74 tii, and don't want to spend $40K-$100K restoring your own, this one looks pretty good!

But please get a PPI done by a 2002 person and verify the car's original color with BMW archives, just to be safe!


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Prices like this are just ridiculous to me.   So what if it’s a TII.  TII means nothing to me.  I know (choke,Gasp) I said it.   It is still a 2002. Really, is someone willing to pay that much to have a tII? Personally I prefer a carbed car.  I hope it sells for that price, maybe mine is worth more than I think.  But then probably not because mine is just a lowly 2002 non TII.   I can understand a perfect example of an original TII fetching a few dollars more than a non TII, but that much more?  What am I missing here?  For that price I would expect the undercarriage and fender wells to have original clean paint, not painted over with rattle can, or undercoating.   Do I see a piece of metal cut out from the upper cowl on the firewall? Is the fresh air vents missing from the trunk?  Rear panel around the exhaust cut-out doesn’t look right to me either.  Both VIN plates look brand new,  however  it is missing the snorkel.  I really hate when people here criticize cars for sale, and now I’m doing it.  But with a price of 35,000 I expect perfection.   

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Hi All - I'm pretty new here.. recently picked up a malaga 73 tii.  


I'm coming from the porsche world, where the early 911's have gone stratospheric in price... 


While they made a pile of 02s... for the US, I was shocked to see how few round tail light 02s were actually sold.. and with the expectation that a bunch of them are no longer with us, the numbers left may be quite low?


Does the group think that the 02tii has the remote potential of following the trajectory of the early 911s?  


I got mine because I've always loved 02s.. and this was my first real opportunity to get a roundie... it was not a speculative purchase.. but if I end up putting a couple bucks in my pocket in the event that I sell.. that wouldn't be horrible either...

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