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Great deal on 7" Hella H4 headlights


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I'm running these on one of my cars. Good lights for $26

Do you use the 60/55w bulbs that come with these lights? Pretty good price, wonder if theres much difference in build quality compared to Hella. Not too far off price with the discount.


edit: Just realized its 26 for two thats damn good, I'd like to know if someone has compared these to the hella ones.

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The Bus Depot generic H4 conversions (non-Hella) are also great for the price (I've been running a pair for a couple of years now).


Good discussion of the light patterns and conversion issues on a VW here.

That is a good read, especially the parts about wiring and battery voltage. Bottom line, if you want to get the most out of your headlights, use relays. No matter what bulb you use in them.

No and if you get the lower wattage bulbs you won't have to run a relay kit either

But you should anyway.

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Just a caveat--if you have a roundie, chances are very good your current headlights don't have relays.  Six fuse roundies have no relays at all for low or high beams nor do 12 fuse cars.  I would strongly suggest adding relays to at least your high beams--not terribly difficult and will give you more light and less chance of melted wires!


IIRC at least early squarelights (74) only have relays for the low beams, not for high beams...



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