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Brake hose clips...I lost 2. Available?


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   Greetings from Columbus, home of the improbable yet perseverant national championship OSU Buckeyes.  


    Somehow I have lost/misplaced  two of the 8 total brake hose clips.  These are the u-shaped spring clips that are used where the flex hoses screw into the hard brake lines.  I have looked everywhere (even in the shop vacs), but I just can't get my hands on those little buggers.


    Does anyone know where these might be purchased?   Thanks....Rich in OH.....IO



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Thanks Peter,


     I shoulda gone on to real OEM first, or PenskeParts to get the part #.   I found them on ECS Tuning.com, out of Cleveland for a buck apiece, and their shipping was reasonable.


   On the day these arrive, I'll go out to the garage with the box, I'll  fumble to open the box and subsequently drop the box on the floor and it will tumble under the car. Once on my knees reaching for the box, I'll spot the original clips lying there next to the box!


   Cheers,    Rich



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