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'72 tii: Yellow Zinc Cad Plating Pix


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Looks pretty good for a home kit.  Its a good thing to do do when you are sorting a motor out and why not - if you are freshening everything up on the inside, why not make the outside look just as good.


What I have learned in restoring a number of parts on my car (with regard to plating) is: 1) quality of the part being plated; 2) proper cleaning and polishing of the part before the plating is done.  My understanding is that the steel parts are chemically cleaned first and then put in some sort of roller machine with tiny ball bearings that help further clean and polish the part.  Depending on what level of finish is desired, some parts are actually wheel polished.  I am just about to take a batch of parts, pieces, hardware into Industrial Plating (San Carlos, CA), so when I go I will ask about the process (only because I am interested to know).  These are a few pieces that I had done from a previous batch (yellow zinc iridite).




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