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I just got my NK Steering wheel....questions...


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Oh, you won that auction, congrat's. 


Here's the exploded view from Maxilillian Importing.



Otwoprincess Lisa and Esty have similar steering wheels, they may be of more help.

Thanks! Exploded view a little tough to see...and it seems some parts aren't available (from there) I'll probably take it down to 2002ad tomorrow...they got a 1800 sitting out front..maybe they'll let me reference that! 

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I'm not sure if the springs are all the same length, if they are; then the pockets they sit in are different depths. Either way the top center spring or the bottom center spring sits lower. When you insert the screws into the horn ring center make sure you tighten them all the way down. No too tight though. The screws should go through the black spacers into the screw holes. Good luck


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