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Rust repair in the Seattle area


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Hey guys, I'm looking to get some rust repaired on my e30 m3 and having some trouble finding a place that I can trust to take care of it. I know any old shop could do it but I'd like to have someone with some experience in the issue at least, I don't really want it coming back later. I figure who better to ask than '02 owners!


Does anyone have a recommendation? Doesn't necessarily have to be a shop either if you know of a reputable guy. 


Here's what I'm working with, not really the best picture because most of that is just residue on top of paint, but particularly that protruding section on the top right needs attention, right under the tab for the battery tray. Also the cutout with the hose going through it isn't in great shape but it's been brushed off and primed for the time being. Unfortunately I do believe it will need to be cut out in those places,





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