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WTB: BMW OEM Alloy Rims in 5.5"x13" Size

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I'm trying to complete a set of the "late" OEM alloy rims in the 5.5" x 13", ET18, size. These rims were actually manufactured for the early European e21 cars, but their face appearance is identical to the 5", ET28, rims manufactured for the square taillight 2002s and the 6", ET13, rims manufactured as an option for the 2002 turbo.

Part number is 36111112732. The face of these rims is marked, in addition to a BMW roundel:

5 1/2 x 13

36 11 1 112 732


The example below is dated May 1975 (unless that's July 1975: the month "dots" are a bit ambiguous). And, yes, these are rare in the U.S.: appreciably rarer than the 5" versions but less rare than the 6" versions. I've never seen a Mahle version of the 5.5" rim, but I'd be equally interested in those as well -- if they exist.

Strictly German in Braselton, Georgia, had three of these rims 3 years ago. Not realizing they had three of the 5.5" rims mixed in with a dozen or so of the 5" rims, I wouldn't be surprised if multiple buyers of those rims (apparently all sold by now) are currently running "accidentally-mixed" sets. I found the example pictured below, for instance, matched with three 5" Mahle rims!

If you require payment via Western Union, please don't waste your time contacting me.

Thanks and regards,




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