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1976 BMW 2002 in Cincinnati, OH - $7000 (Norwood, OH)

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Year:: 1976

Make:: BMW

Model:: 2002

Price:: 7000

Location: : Cincinnati, OH

I am selling my beloved 2002. I originally bought this car around Feb 2011 from a lady in Philly who has owned it for the previous 15 years, taking very good care of it. I had a local shop fix it up prior to flying in and driving it back to Cincinnati. There is a paper stack of service history about 1" thick that I'll be providing.

The good:

Engine was bored out and 5-speed manual transmission added. Not sure about actual mileage now; odometer shows 13x,xxx but only 30k on the new tranny; best guess is somewhere around 150k. Car runs really well, idles well, starts every time. On highway, I get about 30 mpg.

The master brake cylinder leaked once upon a time causing the driver-side frame rail to rust. I had a welder seal in that side, made the car really stiff. Pro job, very well done. I can provide pictures.

Prior to my drive from Philly to Cincy, I had a couple brake lines replaced, new tires put on the stock 14" wheels and spare tire, and new brake calipers, among other things.

In my ownership, the car hasn't seen rain or snow. I've stored it in a heated garage in the winter time. Car comes with car cover. Every time I park it, I put it on a battery tender.

Rear upholstery looks fantastic. Front dash plastic doesn't have any cracks. Carpet looks great too.

The bad:

Radio and A/C don't work.

Passenger window won't roll all the way up. I currently have the regulator apart (along with the door lining) but haven't had time for that little project. Probably needs a new regulator.

Slight accumulation of rust around the fender wells. Easily fixed by cutting out and adding turbo flares :)

Driver's seat pretty much worn through, spring are dead.

Needs a new exhaust. Shocks are likely exhausted too.

Gas pedal not present, just the bar that holds it. Tried getting a replacement from BavAuto but it didn't match. Accelerator still works, obviously, just takes a bit of getting used to.post-48122-0-63896900-1420817817_thumb.jpost-48122-0-10785200-1420817822_thumb.jpost-48122-0-42394600-1420817825_thumb.jpost-48122-0-23407600-1420817829_thumb.jpost-48122-0-63127300-1420817832_thumb.jpost-48122-0-60546800-1420817835_thumb.jpost-48122-0-72133500-1420817838_thumb.jpost-48122-0-48805300-1420817841_thumb.jpost-48122-0-58544600-1420817844_thumb.jpost-48122-0-54366100-1420817847_thumb.j

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