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M10 Rebuild Assembly: Starting this weekend


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The time has come. I've had everything machined, checked, gaskets delivered, bearings, piston rings...Now I'm ready to start putting it back together. Disclaimer, this is my first engine rebuild. I will post pictures as progress is made. Here is some info on what I'm working with.

-1976 BMW 2002, M10, 4 speed manual transmission

-E12 head, valve spacing not complete

-Standard crank, standard bearings

-89.47 Pistons, block is bore and hone complete

-Weber Carburetor

-Standard intake/exhaust headers

If you have any links to other posts here with helpful tips, or have little tricks that are easy to miss please let me know.

I'm doing this work in San Diego, but my car is registered in Arkansas. I am open to suggestions on an alternate exhaust header/system if you have recommendations.

Let me know if you have any questions.

I look forward to keeping you posted on the rebuild!

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Nice, good luck and I'm sure if you take your time and follow some of the write-ups you should do fine. I remember building a little dodge neon 1.8 L EBD 1.8 L l4  engine for the first time and it started right up after it was all assembled, just followed a well written build guide. 


Sorry Im not much help, never built a M10..always had bigger engines besides a M42 but I'm looking forward to your progress..I'm sure all these guys on here can help you as you go along if you need it.. Maybe I could use your experiences when I need to rebuild my motor.


Have a good one!


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Are you planning to register the car in CA at any point?  If so, you'll need to keep the Thermal Reactor for smog purposes.  If it will remain registered as an Arkansas car, the Ireland Engineering shorty header will connect to your stock down pipe and provides a nice upgrade over the stock exhaust manifold.  Are you removing all the smog equipment?  It will save some weight and boost the performance.


IE Shorty Header



Good luck,





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I don't plan on having to registering it in CA so I will definitely remove all of the smog gear but my keep it on hand in case I have to part with the car here. I am strongly considering that shorty header. Any thoughts on replacing the exhaust all the back?

I used Hopsings and Wholesale Automotive. I don't have a lot to compare them to, but I'd recommend knowing all the work you need done before going to Hopsings. Their prices are very reasonable though.

Rob S, if you end up needing any random parts for your rebuild let me know. I'm making one out of two complete engines.

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Thanks Chance. If you need a spare set of hands some day, send me a PM.


I have an IE stainless exhaust that I have been quite happy with in terms of performance, sound and overall fitment. The only issue I had was that the stock downpipe located the position of the front end of the system about a 1/4 inch too high and it was a wee bit too tight to the bottom of the car. That was fixed with a little modification of the downpipe.

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