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I see garage renovation in my future


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I am trying to create more space!  For more toys!


I'm going to remove current door and do a roll up door.  Then, either 2 separate lifts or a dual lift.  


I probably shouldn't have, but 308 prices are going nutz.  If I was ever going to do it - now's the time. 


I guess I need to think of a name now.  Leaning toward Rosabella or Rosalita.


Waiting for Ray to chime in about furry caterpillar mustaches and hawaiian shirts.

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Ha ha.  No - it's already serviced.


It's actually still being worked on.  The dealer I'm buying it from here in Houston has a few more things he's getting squared away before I take delivery.  The car has already had about $12-$15,000 worth of work done on it in the past 2 months.  I think I saw the car when he first got it in at the beginning of November.

Since then, it's had the following:


New water pump

new pads and rotors, front and rear.  Additionally, one of the front calipers was frozen, so it was replaced.

carbs cleaned and rebuilt, tuned and balanced

new tires (from Coker) on the original 14" wheels.  When I saw it first, car had 2 different sized tires on it.  The fronts were larger than the rears!  It looked weird.

all leather in the entire interior was re-dyed out of the car.  It looks new.

Car had recent cam belt service, so they didn't do that.

rebuilt steering rack, front end alignment 

new suspension bushings all the way around

new badges

Oil change

Coolant flush

New seals on the trunk, as well as a new zipper cover


what still needs to be done:

microswitch on one of the front carbs is acting up.   Gives a "check bank 1-4" error light.  They are troubleshooting.

passenger side window switch doesn't work right.  Talking to the mechanic, that's just about getting the right wire on the right terminal.


The "beltline" isn't done right - so he's going to take it to a bodyshop and get it repainted.  While it's there, he's going to have the spoiler painted as well as a few dings here and there on the body.  He would have knocked a little bit of money off the sales price if I'd take it as-is, but honestly, for once I wanted a car that was done.  I didn't want to chase around little projects here and there.


The front windshield seal for the targa top is in bad shape.  I've asked that be replaced as well.  


So - I'll get it in 3 or 4 weeks, all done.


Very exciting.


Whoops - one more thing to add.  The first car I put Coco mats in was the 2002 - got them from BMW (and there is a roundel moulded on the heel pad).  Blue, white and black.  They look great.


When I got the 911 - I bought some coco mats from cocomats.com.  Red and black.  They look really nice.


I'm going to keep the trend with this car.  Ordered some coco mats - black and natural - that will match the seats.  


I like coco mats.

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I was out in the garage on this wet, dreary morning.  Measuring.


I think I can fit the cars.  It's going to be tight.  I'm going to need the architect to do a drawing for me before I know if it's going to work or not.

Best I can tell so far - If I put the ferrari under the mini, I'll have 1/2" of clearance.  Or so.


I'm nervous.

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You can let some air out of the tires in the Ferrari to gain some room...

I'm only half kidding about this, I know those Coker tires weren't cheap and it wouldn't be that good for them or practical anyway...

I want to know how in the world you broke the news to your wife! You are my hero! I've pretty much written off any car with a prancing horse on the hood as not going to happen in my lifetime...

I have plenty of garage space to loan, but Des Moines is a bit far away to make it convenient ;)

Are there any of those garage/car storage services is Houston? Might be an option, or cut out the concrete in the floor under the mini and repour it a few inches lower with a little depression to sit down a bit...

I'm both jealous and excited for you Ken. You display great taste with your selections...

...and I vote for "Isabella"

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Ha.  Thanks Aaron.  


Yeah - my wife is a good sport.  I was lucky to get a pretty nice bonus this year, and I told her - "You're born, you die.  In between, there are certain things you just need to check off the list.  A Ferrari is one of them.".  Plus, I'm not funding this stupidity on the money we need for food/taxes/kid's future education.  I fund this out of money that is, what's called in Louisiana, "Lagniappe" - a little something extra.


For garage space, my contractor and architect think it will work.  We've made drawings and measured, and measured, and measured.  If we are right (and I think we are) there will be 2 to 3 inches of clearance above the Mini when the Ferrari is under it.  Woof.  Yeah - I'll probably still put cushony foam on the ceiling.  I'll take pics when we are done.


For temporary car storage, I have one friend that is going to house 2 cars in one of those car storage places.  Believe it or not, most of the places here in Houston are either full, crazy expensive or both.  There is one down the street from my house, but they are 300/month, plus there is a minimum (I think 6 months), plus you have to have the car fully detailed to go in their storage, plus - if it leaks anything you have to have it fixed or remove it.  Too many rules.  Hell - neither my Porsche or Mini meet those criteria (although the Porsche only leaks when it's really really cold).  So, the Porsche and BMW are going to go to the storage center far from the house where I can sublet space from a buddy.  The mini might be able to go across the street in the neighbor's garage.  The Ferrari, shockingly enough, has plenty of volunteers to babysit.  Ooof.

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